We, Mitsui Kinzoku Copper Foil Division, 

are looking for

partners we can collaborate with.

We want to take on new challenges today so that we will not regret it 10 years from now.

That is our desire.

We, Mitsui Kinzoku Copper Foil Division,

are searching for partners we can forge the future with by using our world-class advanced technologies.

By working together with partners regardless of industry,
we want to take steps today to create a brighter tomorrow.

Let’s work together to create something 
that will shape the next 10 years and beyond.

This is the project team name of Mitsui Kinzoku Copper Foil Division, founded to discover copper foil's new possibilities.

This team name carries our determination to “exceed the possibilities of copper foil.”

Potentials of the Copper Foil Division

“Thin Foils”

Metal foils get more tearable as they get thinner. To resolve this issue, we have established technologies to be able to peel foils easily from the thick carrier foils. We produce copper foils that range in thickness from 1.5 μm to 5 μm and continue to challenge ourselves by developing even thinner foils.

 (We are the world’s largest producer of electrodeposited copper foil of 5 μm or less in thickness, with a 95%+ share in the global market.)

※based on our own research

“Adherable Foils”

We can develop our own adhesives and provide copper foils that are coated in these adhesives. The copper foils can be adhered to glass and resin films, thereby expanding usage possibilities.

“Perforated Foils”

Perforated metal foils are typically made by making holes at the end of the production process, but by adopting a creative deposition process, we can consider to make copper foils that are perforated in advance.

This shortens the manufacturing process and reduces waste while freely controlling the hole size and number of holes.

Learn more about the Copper Foil Division
by reading our technology handbook!

If you have any questions about what we can do,
feel free to reach out to us.

What Can the Copper Foil Division’s Materials Be Used For?

Here Are Some Possible Applications of Our Materials

For example...


Using our peel-enabling technologies to laminate thin copper foils of a few μm to the surface of unprocessed materials, we can achieve lightweight materials that may be possible to used in airlines and aerospace applications that have strict weight restrictions.

For example...

Adhesive Foil×Conductivity

We may be possible to create transparent antennas by laminating a transparent film onto a copper foil with adhesive to receive 5G radio waves and the like by affixing this antenna onto a glass surface of a home or vehicle.


For example...

Precise Holes×Heat Dissipation

By controlling the hole quantity and size of copper foils and combining this with the thermal conductivity of copper, our materials may be possible to used as a wick material for heat pipes and vapor chambers and dissipate heat from electronic materials without using energy.


IIDA Hiroto

IIDA Hiroto is in charge of developing new markets. After working at several other companies, he joined the company in 2006. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at Yokohama National University.  Since joining the company, he has engaged in customer technical contact and market research. “Ask me anything!”


NAKAJIMA Daisuke of the Development Department joined the company in 2007 after graduating from the Graduate School of Science and Technology at Tokyo University of Science. He took up his current role after engaging in basic research and manufacturing management. “No Challenge, No Life!”


HOSOKAWA Makoto of the Development Department joined the company in 2009 after graduating from the Graduate School of Engineering at Kobe University. He has engaged in developing technologies such as those related to resin coating, plating, and chemical treatment. “I will give my all to developing with our customers!”

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Learn more about the Copper Foil Division
by reading our technology handbook!

If you have any questions about what we can do,
feel free to reach out to us.