No.1 Industry Track Record

We use our knowledge of materials
to provide sputtering targets
that meet our customer’s needs.

Market & Customer Feedback
Our customers say things like, ‘we would like to make higher added-value FPD’
and ‘we want IGZO to have even higher mobility.’

Developer Feedback
In previous, we received requests from our customers but had not been able to establish a development system to meet their requests.
However, now we have enough assessment technologies in place, combined with target material production technologies that we have improved with ITO and IGZO,
We have succeeded in developing new materials for high function and high definition.

Mitsui's High Mobility Materials

The Benefits of High Mobility
High mobility enables increased current density of the thin film transistor (TFT),
It is good for high definition, it is able to be applied to OLED, etc.

The Benefit of Reduced Leakage Current
It is enabled to use at a low frequency, due to no current leakage when the TFT is turned off.
This helps reduce power consumption.
The Benefit of Being Fewer Nodules
Due to fewer nodules, there is very little arcing. It helps to reduce particles and enables stable film deposition.
Mitsui’s World-Class

Target Materials

We have experience of over 10 years as a pioneer of IGZO targets.

We supported customer development, 

through providing targets as business since the inception of IGZO.

We have a lot of experience of producing

not only various compositions and sizes, shapes to satisfy our customer requests, 

but also both shapes, such as flat and circular shapes.

Based on our experience,

we will continue to not only meet the requests of our customers as quickly as possible

but also actively engage in the development of new materials such as high mobility materials.

Our General Process

After you make an inquiry, we will ask you some questions before making a proposal that is tailored to your needs.
To start the process of meeting your needs, please contact us via the Contact Us form on this website.